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Nuclear Utility Fuel Advisory Board

Kerry L. Basehore / Dominion Resources
Director, Nuclear Analysis and Fuel
Kerry L. Basehore is Director- Nuclear Analysis and Fuel for Dominion. His staff of nuclear engineers is responsible for the nuclear fuel cycle for Dominion's reactor fleet, including nuclear fuel procurement, core design, reactor engineering, safety analysis, spent fuel disposition and probabilistic risk assessment for Dominion's fleet of seven reactors. The nuclear analysis and fuel department maintains and uses vendor independent NRC-licensed core design and safety analysis methods.

A native of Hershey, PA, Basehore received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. In addition, he was awarded a Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering in Nuclear Engineering and a Nuclear Engineer's Degree from MIT. Mr. Basehore is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Virginia

Following graduate school, he joined Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories as an engineer, developing nuclear thermal hydraulic computational tools for liquid metal fast breeder and light water reactors, including COBRA, VIPRE and COBRA-TRAC. Basehore joined Virginia Power as the lead engineer for reactor core thermal hydraulics. He became supervisor –Nuclear Safety Analysis in 1984. After rotational assignments in the department, he assumed his present position in 1997.
Ronald G. Cocherell / Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc.
Nuclear Fuel Director
Mr. Cocherell is the Nuclear Fuel Director for Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc (SNC). Since joining Southern in 1978, Mr. Cocherell has served in various roles within the Nuclear Fuel department of SNC including management responsibilities as Nuclear Fuel Services manager (1991-2009) and Core Analysis manager (2009-2010). In his current duties as Nuclear Fuel Director he is responsible for the management of the SNC Nuclear Fuel department with responsibilities for the core design, fuel performance, procurement and management of nuclear fuel for the six current operating nuclear units of the Southern Company and the two AP1000 nuclear units currently under construction at Plant Vogtle in Georgia. He has worked in the Nuclear Fuel Dept. within Southern Company for over 34 years and has extensive experience in nuclear fuel design, fuel procurement, contract management, fuel fabrication oversight and quality assurance, fuel economics, on-site fuel inspection, fuel performance, non-fuel core components and spent fuel management.

Mr. Cocherell is a past Chairman of both the NEI Utility Fuel Committee and the World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM) Board of Governors. Since the mid 90's, Mr. Cocherell has represented Southern Nuclear on the Board of Managers for Private Fuel Storage. In addition, Mr. Cocherell currently serves on the University of Tennessee Nuclear Engineering Department External Advisory Board.

Mr. Cocherell holds both a Bachelors degree (1976) and a Masters degree (1977) in nuclear engineering from the University of Florida.
David C. Culp / Duke Energy Corporation
Acting Vice President, Nuclear Engineering
Dave Culp is acting vice president of nuclear enginnering for Duke Energy, where he is responsible for fuel purchasing, fuel mechanical and thermal-hydraulic performance, reactor core design, nuclear safety analysis, probabilistic risk assessment, spent fuel management, nuclear technical services, and fleet engineering for the seven nuclear unities operated by Duke Energy. He was named to his current position in October 2011.

Under his direction, Duke Energy has ranked among the top U.S. utilities in system-wide fuel costs for more than 10 years.

Culp has over 25 years of experience in nuclear engineering with Duke Energy. He joined the company in 1986 as an engineer and worked in various roles including fuel assembly and control component design, fuel performance, fuel reload engineering and reactor modifications. He assumed the commercial responsibility for purchasing uranium, conversion services, enrichment services and fuel fabrication services in 1995. Beginning in 1999, he incrementally assumed responsibility for spent fuel management, fuel design, and reactor core design. In 2003, Culp was named vice president of Claiborne Energy Services – a partner in the Louisiana Energy Services venture to license, construct and operate a new uranium enrichment plant in the United States.

Culp has served as chairman of the World Nuclear Fuel Market Board of Governors, an organization that promotes efficiencies in nuclear fuel markets. He has also served as chairman of the Ad Hoc Utilities Group (AHUG), an association that promotes free trade in nuclear fuel, and chairman of the Nuclear Energy Institute's Utility Fuel Committee, an association aimed at improving the economics and reliability of nuclear fuel supply and use.

Culp earned a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in business administration from the University of South Carolina. He is a registered professional engineer in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Culp was born in Bitburg, Germany, where his father served in the U.S. Air Force. He is married to Lindy Culp.
Kenneth S. Petersen / Exelon Generation Company, LLC
Vice President, Nuclear Fuels
Kenneth Peterson is considered an expert on nuclear fuels and has more than 23 years of experience in the nuclear industry. Ken has been a member of Lightbridge's Nuclear Utility Fuel Advisory Board since its inception in 2011.

Ken Petersen was named Vice President of Nuclear Fuels for Exelon Nuclear in June 2009. As Vice President, he is responsible for overseeing the entire Nuclear Fuels organization, which focuses on fuel operations, supply, spent fuel storage and the elimination of fuel failures and channel distortion issues. Ken joined the company in 1988. He has held several positions in commercial and technical areas. He was then named the Technical Director and Fuel Supply Director for 7 years. As director in Fuels, he played a key role in developing the long term fuel procurement plan and handled most technical aspects of utilizing the fuel in the reactor. In August 2008, Ken was named Fuel Supply and Spent Fuel Senior Director.

Ken earned his master's and bachelor's degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI.