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Investor Relations

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Lightbridge Corporation
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Investor Relations

Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR) is developing and commercializing next generation nuclear fuel technology that is safer, increases power output, lowers cost, enhances economics, and reduces waste. This is best evidenced by the fact that four of the leading North American utilities, which collectively represent about 50% of all nuclear power production in the U.S., have publicly expressed interest in the Company’s technology, formally requesting the NRC to prepare to review Lightbridge’s patented metallic fuel designs starting in 2017. Assuming just 25% penetration of the existing U.S. market, and completely excluding the global market potential, Lightbridge could generate $150-200M per year of revenue at 90% gross margins from licensing its technology. The company plans to commence fuel sample manufacturing in 2016 and test reactor demonstration of these fuel samples in 2017, with commercial demonstration of the fuel in the U.S. to begin in 2020-2021.

Key investment highlights include:

  • Developed and patented an independently validated metallic nuclear fuel
    • Completed initial manufacturing and successful testing of the fuel
  • Addresses growing $25 billion global market for nuclear fuel
    • Represents the lowest levelized cost for adding incremental power to the grid
  • Improved operating economics for global nuclear utilities
    • Increased power output and enhanced reactor safety
    • Added revenue and high IRR for existing and new utilities
  • High-margin revenue from licensing fees & royalties
    • 25% penetration of the U.S. market alone would generate $150-200M of royalty fees per year
  • Clean capital structure with no long-term debt
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